Welcome to Amsterdam

Hey there, Red Bull guest! Dive into our ultimate Amsterdam On Premise guide for lunch, drinks, dining, and dancing.

Amsterdam, which is the capital City of the Netherlands, has a population of around 900.000 inhabitants, while it has 1,2 million bikes, it enjoys 165 canals, 1281 bridges and is a worldwide known travel destination.

Cycling is key to the city’s modern character, and there are numerous biking paths and lanes spread throughout the entire city. Amsterdam’s main attractions include its historic canals and museums. The city is also well known for its nightlife and festival activity; with several well known events and clubs and it hosts yearly the Amsterdam Dance Event in October. Scroll down to find out what this City Guide offers you of the City’s finest spots.

Enjoy Amsterdam!


P.s. House Rules: In case you are with a group op 4 people or more and are looking for reservations and/or access to venues and guestlists. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local contact person.

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